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Roderick Jones

As a founding partner of RR Music & 57 Records (Northern Orange County), Rod is one of the creators that contributes to the unique blend and sound that will be associated with RR Music productions. When mixed, it is those flavors, which will characterize the foundation of the New Soul generation. Roderick researches the gritty undertones and textures of music and adds the sweet soulful voices on top to make the mixture unique only to Rod’s production team. An Air force dependent with travels over the world; Roderick has absorbed the flavors from his travels and translated the experiences onto paper. His use of analogies to tell a story is complex yet simple. “I’ve been around music for a long time”

Roderick’s experience in England was a pivotal point in his quest to make music a viable career. It was through the efforts of Dr. Bob a popular London radio show host, who’s listening audience included record company A&R personnel, Roderick’s music was heard by A&R head Adrian Sykes of MCA, U.K, and through the strength of that particular song, Roderick and his co-producers were signed to a demo deal.( Lisa Stansfield as a record mate) It was in that same year the deal fell apart due to MCA being bought out by Panasonic’s parent company, and subsequently the demo deal along with it, also fell through. Roderick formed a vocal group consisting of G.I’s and dependents named “This Side” and performed in Clubs with attendance of 2500 or more. His love of performing and writing prompted him to release a collection of songs and perform them in sold out venues such as the Hippodrome in London and Hollywood’s in East Anglia Ipswich, and Mega clubs in Bedford. The over 2000 cassettes sold out in just one week. Roderick returned home to the states and was fortunate enough to collaborate with a rising star by the name of “Skeelo”. Along with others, Roderick played on and helped produced the single “I Wish” on the album entitled by the same name, which later turned both Platinum and Gold. The album would later be featured as a sound track on the movie “Money Train”, starring Wesley Snipes and Woody Harrelson. By notable exception it was also recently featured as the sound bite for “Toyota Rav Four” national commercial “I Wish” featuring “Big Bang Theory” actress Kaley Cuoco. First introduced and featured during Super Bowl 2013. 2018 “I Wish I was a Little bit Smaller” ESPN Commercial featuring Stephon Curry.

Roderick then formed a union that seemed to be the exact mix he had been searching for in partners that shared his excitement in the music. His bond was formed out of friendship, commonality and respect. That bond is with Gospel group and T.P. Mob members, Chris Cuffie and Vendon Smith who also have recently received Gold & Platinum status with their first album. The blend not only feels good but works well also. This is evident by the collaborative effort on their first project “Jam; Jelly Tite”, a sensual 96bpm soulful yet cross over tune which becomes infectious with the first listen. “I’m sitting on a lot of songs and when it’s that time they will be released. My catalog currently has over 2500 songs” I just can’t help writing…my IPhone has 250 hum in songs that at some time I will write.” During this period Rod and his fellow studio mates produced and wrote “Soulmance” the album to date is by far one of the best collaborative albums that I ever had a chance to be a part of. It has Rap, R&B and Gospel. We had everyone play on this album (Jerry Peters, (“You got me Going in Circles”) and Bassist Cornelius Mims.(Tonight Show, Death Row) The studio time spent with these guys were one of the greatest moments of my life, and consider it a commercial success. It even contains a song that I wrote when I was 13 years old called “Rainy Days”. The album is available through ITunes, CD Baby, Amazon.com and other music outlets. The incredible vocalist is Aviante Robertson. The video is also available through YouTube “BeatHouse Music channel”. “I’ve had people tell me things like “my child was conceived with your music as the background” or “I would put your music on and just drive, and never change the C.D.” That year we had a listening party at the “Cherch” in downtown Fullerton. We had people standing in line at the door. A place that holds 275 people had that many with another 50-75 people in the patio. Roderick being an avid Laker Fan/Dallas Fan also wrote and produced a song dedicated to past and present Lakers titled “ Let Your Lakers Flags Fly” on YouTube with about 10K plus views. Past and present Lakers commented on the song. I loved Kobe Bryant’s tenacity, his work ethic and his determination in everything he touches. You know sometimes it’s crazy on how you just sync with someone. You could just see at times by his facial expression his will to win at all cost. It was constantly written all over his face. His will to succeed serves as a catalyst in my own journey. I am sure we will cross paths one day. ( at a USC Basketball Game “Laughing”) Magic is to me the man and because I played point guard in college Derek Fisher and how he practiced before a game gained all of my respect. 2015-2016 Roderick saw talent in a very young rapper named the Poet. Always looking for a commercial edge, with the Poet I saw a direction that few rappers or MC’s would dare exploit. That exploitation would be in the self-identifying of the world of Nerdom. As of this date we have pinned fifteen tracks for a future release. Roderick continued writing but shifted focus to incorporating live music with the Protools experience. He met and became partners with a well-known and respected Drummer named Ron Lee (American Idol) and together they have several songs to be released in 2017. Because of the variation of Rod’s musical styles and influences he writes everything from jazz to country to hip hop to EDM. “I could virtually pin an EDM track and bang with it and go down stairs and listen to my favorite chill out music Classical” 2016 brought about more music action in music featured on the Starz network “Survivors Remorse” with “I Thank Love”. Well known Super Music Supervisor Johnathan Leahy “New Girl”, Neighbors, Raising Hope, Bad Teacher, Survivors Remorse LeBron James Exec producer, Preacher, Train wreck, The Millers. Roddy Ra wrote, produced a new EDM, Pop, R&B charting at #37 on the NBC Charts “Some Kinda Way” featuring URBAN and Crown and just completed the video for that project. The song is available on ITunes, CD Baby, Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, It will be a major song this 2016-2017! Especially on that Spring Break, Club Crowd. So far 7,500 downloads trying to get 25,000. “I will be releasing a jazz variation of songs inspired by my favorite place in the world Laguna Beach CA. Ron Lee and I have surprises for the New Year 2017. We have a new release by the name of “Millionare” vocals were done by American Idol Runner-Up Clint Jung.

“You can find me playing basketball in Laguna or in any area gym. You can even see me at a skate park. But my new found thing that I can’t shake at the moment is “USC Basketball” Thank You for everyone who believes in RR Music and the music I bring. Garth, Kenny, Ms. Lalah Hathaway. I got that hot music for ya! Let’s serve it up!